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Yellow tea cultivated, harvested and processed entirely without any form of mechanisation on a small family farm in the province of An Hui, which is the original and traditional location for the production of yellow teas. The traditional procedure for processing yellow teas is far more demanding in terms of time than the procedure for processing green teas. The drying phase is considerably slower, throughout the time during which the tea is wrapped in paper or material, and according to traditional procedures may last up to three weeks. At the end of this period the tea leaves have a naturally yellow colour, and the tea loses its grassy character, which is generally a mark of green teas.

For one month, Anhui Yellow leaves are hand dried over intense charcoal heat, piled and smothered repeatedly until water evaporates from even the stem and their flavor becomes most concentrated. Mild oxidation imbues this complex, true yellow tea with slightly fiery, chestnut tones, a baked asparagus sweetness, and as many antioxidants as a standard green tea. You needn’t worry about perishability or oversteeping like other green teas, as this demanding processing method creates a naturally long shelf life and a resilience against less-than-perfect steeping, making it perfect for home and office alike. This is one of the only remaining true Yellow teas in the world.

Due to the long drying phase of yellow tea, the processing of green tea is cheaper and more attractive for cultivators, with the result that for a relatively long time yellow teas have been on the very periphery of customers’ interest. The tea offers a delicate and refreshing sweet taste, without bitter components, with a delicate, floral aroma. The taste develops and strengthens slightly with further infusions.

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Anhui, Jin Zai Shan
Oxidation level
10 %
loose tea