Tea Music - 8 CD Collection

2 393 Kč

The complete collection of Chinese tea music contains 8 CDs, on which Chinese composers take you on a musical journey through the world of tea. The CD entitled “Tea” introduces listeners to the various types of tea, from Dragon’s Well to black tea from southern Fukien, on “Tea Travel” we set out to the most renowned tea localities such as the Yellow Mountains or the peaks of Omei and Puto, the CD “Tea with Flower Fragrance”, with the help of the sounds of nature prepares an hour of harmony ensuing from the concord between tea and flowers, “Oolong Tea” is a collection of the aural characteristics of the eight best known Oolong teas, “Tea & Pot” refers to the dexterity of Chinese ceramic workshops and presents eight of the best known teapots from which we can drink tea whilst listening to “Chinese Tea Ballads” skilful transformations of classical compositions by contemporary artists using the original instruments, and if we accept the cordial and sincere “Invitation to Tea”, we can set out on the harmonic “Way of Tea” as a celebration of a return to nature, of purity and simplicity of being.

All eight CDs, namely Tea, Tea Travel, Tea with Flower Fragrance, Oolong Tea, Tea & Pot, Chinese Tea Ballads, An Invitation to Tea and The Way of Tea are also available separately in our catalogue, but in addition to financial savings, the complete collection offers also packaging in a hard gift box. The track list (musical samples) contains an excerpt of the first track of each CD in the complete collection.

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