Tea (CD)

326 Kč

Tea is evolved into a form of art in life in Chinese culture. Holding a cup of tea in your hand, you will enjoy appreciating its fragrance, taste and color. Moreover, the idyllic atmosphere of drinking tea and the poetic scenes on tea-things contribute to a peaceful and comfortable mood. This album is intended to provide modern people with peaceful and comfortable music for drinking tea. By means of musical creation, the composer represents the delicacy of tea beyond description. Following the music, the flavor of tea penetrates into the core of human mind. In this album, the composer makes the best use of different characteristics of musical instruments, including Pai-Hsiao, Gao-Hu, Ku-cheng, Pi-Pa, alto Sheng, etc., and combines peculiarities of local music to describe different tastes of tea and views in different regions. While listening to the music, the listener could make a mental travel to the tea plantation, as if he had enjoyed the unique flavor of different tea.

The album is available also as a part of 8 CD Tea Music Collection, packed in a solid gift box for favoured price. The collection also contains albums Chinese Tea Ballads, Tea Travel, Cha Tao - The Way of Tea, Tea with Flower Fragrance, An Invitation to Tea, Oolong Tea and Tea & Pot.

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