t-sac 3 - Whole leaf tea infusion bags 1,0 - 1,6 liter (100 pcs)

115 Kč

Loose teas are gaining popularity amongst those who were previously not willing to sacrifice the comfort in connection with the preparation of tea packaged in teabags. The t-sac stands on the boundary of two worlds which previously appeared irreconcilable. It offers the possibility of preparing your favourite loose tea with the help of a convenient paper bag, by which you lose nothing of the ease in preparing tea or with subsequent cleaning of your tea crockery. The bags are very easily filled and provide plenty of space for the tea to develop. During brewing it is possible to turn or cover the flap, the upper part of the sac, with the lid of the mug or teapot. The t-sac 3 is suitable in terms of size for the preparation of tea in a 1,0 - 1,6 l teapot.

T-sacs are produced entirely organically and the paper contains no artificial additives, thus the taste of the tea remains natural. T-sacs are very strong and sufficiently porous for quick brewing, easily offering several infusions. They are biodegradable and after use can be composted together with the tea.

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