Japanese Porcelain Teapot Manten Kyusu 350 ml

1 066 Kč

This Kyusu is specifically designed to be convenient and easy to use. This is not only a convenient and simple design but also sophisticated and modern. MANTEN of this name means perfect score in Japanese. Mouth of this Kyusu is wide open, so you can very easily dispose of used tea leaves. Inner lid near the spout is a little large. It is in order to prevent spilling tea out between lid and body, when pouring into tea cup, in case the Kyusu is filled with water up to full level. This Kyusu has a ceramic fine mesh filter, not removable mesh filter basket. Ceramic mesh of this Kyusu is fine, so that you can brew all kinds of Japanese tea, including Sencha Fukamushi and Konacha.

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