Chinese Tea Ballads (CD)

326 Kč

China has a long history and sophisticated culture of tea drinking. Large scaled tea plantations are found almost everywhere in this country which is thought to be one of the first areas in the world that cultivated tea for beverage drinking. Over centuries tea has not lost its favored status; it still occupies a warm spot in Chinese people’s affection. This affinity between the Chinese and tea gave birth to tea ballads which express people’s love for this popular beverage. Originally sung by the cultivators plucking tea leaves on green hills, these tea ballads generally are a reflection of people’s passion for nature. This album is a collection of modern Chinese musicians‘ adaptations of traditional ballads. Listening to the tea ballads is an experience of journey to remote Chinese tea plantations where air is filled with the fragrant aroma of tea and music that glorifies Mother Nature.

The album is available also as a part of 8 CD Tea Music Collection, packed in a solid gift box for favoured price. The collection also contains albums Tea, Tea Travel, Cha Tao - The Way of Tea, Tea with Flower Fragrance, An Invitation to Tea, Oolong Tea and Tea & Pot.

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