Chawan "Shigaraki" 400 ml

822 Kč

This traditional Matcha Chawan is the perfect shape and size for Matcha preparation. It was made of glazed ceramic at the famous Shigaraki kiln, located near Uji.

Shigaraki is one of the six major old Japanese kilns. Begun in 743 A.D., the Shigaraki kiln has produced traditional Japanese ware for over 1250 years, and holds the distinction of being the oldest kiln. Shigaraki, located near Kyoto, was once the capital of Japan. A soil was found to be rich in clay that was suitable for pottery. Because of the location and the abundance of clay Shigaraki prospered due to the pottery production. Shigaraki ware is characterized by its natural, simplistic style and grace of the combination of the clay and feldspar. The style and taste of Shigaraki ware depends on the combination of the glaze (Yuyaku), the clay, and the firing temperature of the kiln.

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