Cha Tao - The Way of Tea (CD)

326 Kč

In Chinese culture there is a great tradition concerning tea. This tradition may be introduced with the two words: Cha Tao, the way of tea. The philosophy about Cha Tao aims to encourage people to return to nature. It is about teaching people how to improve their spiritual lives through tea drinking. In other words, it is a pursuit of all that is pure and simple. The goal in publishing this album, „Cha Tao: The Way of Tea“, is to show its great respect for Cha Tao and to bring the knowledge of this great tradition to people in both the East and West. Popular traditional musical instruments, such as the guzheng, erhu, and di, suffuse three instrumental pieces with Chinese classical flavor. The harmonious atmosphere created by these pieces of music possesses simple and peaceful qualities. Besides an information about composers, Wu Ai-guo, Zhang Hong-xiang and Zhou Shu-xiong, a CD booklet provides details on background of all three tracks.

The album is available also as a part of 8 CD Tea Music Collection, packed in a solid gift box for favoured price. The collection also contains albums Tea, Tea Travel, Tea with Flower Fragrance, Oolong Tea, An Invitation to Tea, Chinese Tea Ballads and Tea & Pot.

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