Iced Tea Pot (Hario MD-10BL)

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This teapot from a range of products by the Japanese Hario company, with a volume of 1000 ml, a diameter of 76 mm and a height of 265 mm is suitable for a whole range of applications, but is primarily used (predominantly in Japan) for the preparation of iced tea. The tubular shape is not only attractive, but suitable for convenient tea preparation using the measurement scale on the body of the vessel. The modern stopper with a fine strainer enables direct pouring of iced tea into glasses and easy addition of ice or water.

Iced tea (here meaning tea prepared by the cold method, not tea prepared hot and cooled) can be prepared using ice or cold water. A very interesting property of cold tea preparation is the absence of caffeine in the resulting infusion, since this is present only with hot preparation. Almost every light tea can be prepared cold, but poor quality or poorly stored tea produces an unpleasant aftertaste, which would be absent upon hot preparation. Try for example the following recipe: Prepare 10-12g of Sencha tea (ideally Nibancha – second harvest) in a vessel and pour on 750-1000 ml of cold water. Then place the vessel in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. After this time upturn the vessel a number of times in order to mix the content, and then pour the tea directly into glasses. Refill the vessel with cold water and repeat the process, the tea produces several infusions.

The teapot is made from very high quality oven ware glass, and so is also suitable for classic tea preparation with hot water.

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