Yunnan Pu Erh Mini Bricks 2007 | Jiang Pu Er Mini Fang Cha

250 Kč

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The brick is the classic shape for Pu Erh teas, and as with other shapes it is possible to purchase Pu Erh also in the form of small bricks. This Pu Erh was harvested in 2007 and subsequently pressed into small bricks with a weight of approximately 8g. The tea originates from a small village close to the Mohan border between Laos and the Chinese province of Yunnan. For hundreds of years the village has been inhabited only by the local Dai population (one of the main Chinese minority groups), who were born here. The only exception is women from the surrounding villages, who have married local men. In times when Pu Erh had virtually no market value, the pressed tea was used as a material for building simple village dwellings, some of which are still standing and inhabited by their original owners. The walls are made of Pu Erh bricks with an age of 70 years or more. Our brick is the ideal portion for the preparation of a range of appetising brews of Pu Erh teas using the Gong Fu method in a teapot with a volume of approximately 200ml.

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