Yixing Black Tea | Yixing Gong Fu Hong Cha

370 Kč

Yixing is a county town in the province of Jiangsu, and is renowned above all for its ceramics, produced from specific, scarlet coloured earth. The first mentions of this attractive ceramic raw material date back to a time before 1000 AD, under the reign of the Song dynasty. The region around the town of Yixing naturally has more to offer however beyond its legendary ceramics. This primarily concerns the local black tea, which despite not being very well known, is all the more attractive for it. It was precisely Yixing Hong Cha that was the tea brewed in the first Yixing teapots at the beginning of ceramic production in this reason. At present mainly green tea is produced here, but the local black tea has never lost any of its quality or its popularity amongst the local people and those from the surrounding region. Producers of Yixing ceramics have been able to gain further renown precisely thanks to the local black tea. The tea has a refined, balanced taste of black tea with a long finish, offering several good infusions. Yixing Hong Cha is not usually available outside of its own specific region around the town of Yixing, and local ceramics producers mainly keep it for themselves. All tea purchased on order is sold out immediately following production and is never stored for further sale, whilst every year lovers of this tea hold on to their own supplies.

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Jiangsu, Yixing
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