When Spring Turns to Summer - Solstice Celebration

147 Kč

We always prepare this seasonal tea blend at the end of winter, and it is sought out by customers right until the end of summer. Because it comes onto the market during the Easter season, it is often called “Easter tea” by customers. The blend is based on quality black tea from Ceylon, into which blueberries, peaches, rosebuds and sunflower buds are added, as well as other pure natural ingredients. The tea blend, which we call “When spring turns to summer” will induce an atmosphere of the forthcoming summer season and chase away the last clouds of winter. In summer it provides refreshment on hot days and lifts the spirits on rainy days. This drink with beneficial health properties can be drunk throughout the day, since it contains only a small amount of caffeine. The beverage has an exquisite taste both hot and cold. It provides a refreshing fruity taste and aroma, which is naturally sweet and suggestive.

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