Vietnam Phu Tho Lotus Oolong | Viet Nam Phu Tho Lotus Oolong

283 Kč

This higher quality class Vietnamese tea from the spring harvest has been perfumed with blossoms of Indian lotus Nelumbo Nucifera, which is often also known as the “magic lotus”. Since time immemorial, lotus blossom has been an Indian symbol representing purity and virtue. The process of perfuming with lotus blossoms can be implemented by several methods. The tea leaves may be literally stuffed into the plant and the blossom sealed with petals, nevertheless according to the more frequently used method, the tea leaves are left exposed to the aroma of lotus for several nights (always with fresh petals), in constant motion (shaking) in order to attain a higher absorption of the aroma. Another method is baking the tea leaves with sticks and petals of lotus in order to attain the pure aroma of this magical plant.

Tea with the aroma of lotus is a typical Vietnamese tea, which is available in every restaurant. Thanks to its inimitable, bitter-sweet menthol taste, this tea is sought out by tea lovers worldwide. Unfortunately not even this tea has managed to avoid attempts at “forgeries”, in which the slow organic process of perfuming is replaced by a fast chemical method, nevertheless the aroma of the imitations is easily recognisable and quickly evaporates. The tea offers several infusions, during which both the taste and aroma of the tea develop. A considerable number of people who first encountered tea with the aroma of lotus and had an initial adverse tendency towards it, have subsequently fallen under the spell of its taste, which is very refreshing and suggestive.

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