Vietnam Green Tua Chua Lai Chau BIO | Viet Nam Tua Chua Lai Chau BIO

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This organic green tea originates from the Tua Chau district in the province of Lai Chau in the north west of Vietnam. The Vietnamese tea industry is growing fast, in which the trend shows an endeavour to limit the production of black tea, whilst increasing the production of green tea. The mountainous north-western part of the country was selected for the cultivation of the best quality varieties of Shan tea (Cammellia sinensis var.shan), which is original in Vietnam and is considered a natural treasure. Since this concerns an organic, high mountain tea, which is allowed to grow with a minimum of human intervention, it assists the protection of the environment and brings income to the poor people living in the mountainous regions in the north of Vietnam. The entire region is isolated from all possible sources of pollution and thus generates an entirely virgin product. The tea contains a large quantity of active substances, its taste is very refreshing, with characteristics typical for a green tea, which grows in a mountainous terrain in arduous conditions in all directions, without human assistance. The taste and aroma are typical for the aforementioned region, in that the tea is sweet, very slightly spicy and strongly suggestive. The infusion has a fresh, yellowish-green colour.

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Lai Chau, Tua Chua
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