Traditional Ali Shan Oolong from Taiwan | Tai Wan Gu Zao Wei Wu Long

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If we go back in time to the second half of the 20th century to the time before the rise in popularity of low-oxidised Taiwanese Oolongs, which at present define the mainstream on the Taiwanese market, only considerably more oxidised teas with a processing method which did not differ greatly from those original teas from the mid-19th century could be found on this tea island. New methods of cultivation and processing of Taiwanese Oolongs have made their mark not only on the appearance of the tea, but primarily on the taste and aroma. If we compare Oolongs processed by traditional and modern procedures, we immediately find a number of fundamental differences. Traditional tea is not so sweet, the fine honey aroma so typical of contemporary low-oxidised Oolongs is less strong and supplemented or even replaced by a fuller, more complex aroma, evoking a blend of fruit and oriental spices. The tea granules are darker and less aromatic, which makes the golden yellow colour of the infusion, with its unique dominant aroma and taste, all the more surprising.

Traditional Oolong demonstrates its place amongst older teas at every moment of its life cycle, and it is this Oolong which we bring you here. Its bushes grow outside of the main plantation, closer to the surrounding forests and cliffs, it is harvested and processed exclusively by hand. This legendary tea is to be found in Chiayi in the Ali Shan mountains (Nantou district in Taiwan), at a height of 1000-1200 m above sea level. Traditional Ali Shan Oolong from Taiwan is an essential choice amongst the teas of true lovers of orthodox Taiwanese Oolongs.

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Nantou, Alishan, Chiayi
loose tea