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A very special black tea from Taiwan, Yuchi Red Jade (魚池紅玉紅茶) is also known as ‘Ruby’ tea. This tea is made from Hong Yu TRES No. 18 cultivar. Hong Yu translates as Red Jade or Ruby, hence the name for this tea. Our Red Jade black tea comes from Yuchi Township on the shores of the picturesque Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County of Taiwan.

Hong Yu TRES No. 18 cultivar was developed in Taiwan very recently in an attempt to reinvigorate black tea production of the country. This cultivar was developed from an Assamica strain from Burma and the local wild tea from Taiwan. Wild Shan Cha compares interestingly to the new Red Jade cultivar. Yuchi Wild Shan Cha is a rare and unusual tea that comes from a strain of camellia that is native only to Taiwan. There are also some that consider it to be an independent species based on DNA analysis and have attributed this tea the scientific name of Camellia formosensis. They both exhibit similar qualities, however the teas made with the new Red Jade cultivar have a unique eucalyptus and minty edge to them. But if you try them side by side you can definitely see the ancestral relationship between these two strains.

Yuchi Red Jade black tea has large twisted leaves that produce a dark amber red liquor. This tea is famous for its spicy, peppery and menthol flavours. There are very pleasant fruity notes and hints of mint and eucalyptus. Yuchi Red Jade is a very complex tea and the clean yet thick liquor combined with these unique flavours make this a truly captivating tea!

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Nantau, Yu Chi
Hong Yu TRES No. 18
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