Taiwan High Mountain Gao Leng Oolong | Tai Wan Li Shan Gao Leng Wu Long

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This exceptional Oolong is one of the best Taiwan produces. It originates from the Li Shan mountains in the district of Taichung, and to harvest the tea it is necessary to climb to a height of 2400 m above sea level. Tea production began here in around 1970. The Li Shan mountain range is frequently confused with the Ali Shan mountains located in the Nantou district, which reach a height of “only” slightly above 1000 m above sea level. It is important not to confuse the two localities, since there are a large number of differences between them, from the conditions for tea cultivation to their history. The legendary Taiwanese Da Yu Ling Oolongs originate precisely from the Li Shan mountains. For this tea, which is a typical representative of “Gao Leng”, 高冷 (high and cool in relation to its locality at a low temperature and height above sea level) Oolong teas, the bud and 2-3 leaves are harvested. The tea has an aroma reminiscent of orchids and fruit shrouded in honey, the infusion has a colour on the boundary of jade green and honey yellow.

The local people pour water on high mountain Oolongs immediately after boiling, though there are a range of differing opinions, with some preferring to prepare the tea at temperatures as low as around 75 °C. A compromise is a temperature around 90 °C for the first infusion for faster opening of the leaves, with subsequent reduction of temperature. With further infusions the temperature is increased evenly.

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Taichung, Lishan
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