Taiwan Frozen Peak Oolong | Tai Wan Dong Ding Wu Long

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Another of the ten best known teas in China, which originates from Taiwan. Should you decide to climb to the peak of Dong Ding mountain, your leg muscles will undoubtedly be tensed to frozen, from where the name Frozen peak originates, whilst the average temperature in this region is within the range of 18-20°C. In 1855 Lin Feng Chi returned from the province of Fujian, bringing with him 36 tea plants, which he cultivated in the Dong Ding mountains. The tea plants grew very well here thanks to the excellent climatic conditions, and so today’s tea plantation was established. Leaves are harvested here all year round, but the best are in the spring, the ideal time for gathering is between 10 am and midday. The tea is only 18% oxidised, and thus preserves a large quantity of active agents of green tea, it is very aromatic and offers the aroma of honeysuckle and gardenia. The leaves are medium dark, relatively large and provide several tasty infusions, during the course of which both the taste and aroma develop and transform. The taste is sweet with peach rounded with honey, and very refreshing.

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Dong Ding, Nan Tou
loose tea