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Rooibos can be translated loosely as “red bush”, which is a slightly misleading name, since this plant is green with yellow flowers. It is evident that this does not refer to the tea, nevertheless it is frequently associated with the tea due to the similar preparation method and certain shared medicinal properties such as antioxidant effects. The Rooibos plant, which with only few exceptions grows exclusively in South Africa, gains its typical red colour during the oxidation process, during which the typical sweet taste of this “non-tea” is formed. Rooibos contains a large amount of vitamin C and a range of important mineral substances for the human organism, and last but not least it is known for its negligible caffeine content. As a result Rooibos is a drink which can be enjoyed all day, and is exceptionally beneficial for people with a high blood sugar content or cardiovascular problems. The drink relieves stress, as well as insomnia and headaches. Thanks to these and other properties and its delicate, sweet taste, Rooibos has gained popularity worldwide. Our organic Rooibos has been cultivated with regard to strict regulations for organic farming, its core taste is sweet with distinguishable fruity, sour undertones. The infusion has a deep, reddish-yellow colour.

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