Ripe Pu Er in a Tangerine | He Shan Meng Hai Chen Xiang Pu Er

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Pu Er tea was not the first type of tea to be packaged in mandarin orange peel, preceded in this by Oolong, which is the only tea for which this type of packaging may be considered original. The Xin Hui mandarin peel contains approximately 20 g of Pu Er tea from the Menghai region in the Chinese Yunnan province, with an age of approximately 5 years. The production process covers hollowing of the inside of the mandarin, hand filling of the peel with Pu er tea and drying in direct sunlight, which ensures not only the drying of the peel, but also its sterilisation. The Pu Er tea subsequently matures inside the mandarin peel, during which the “lid” of the packaging, the upper part of the peel, is removed, and the tea during ageing absorbs the aroma of the mandarin, taking on delicate citrus tones. The infusion is brewed either from Pu Er alone or for a more distinctive taste, from Pu Er together with the mandarin peel.

Some vendors assert that the tea continues to mature inside the mandarin peel, but Pu Er can only develop further in the presence of a sufficient quantity of air, thus only in a well ventilated package. In this case the mandarin contains Pu Er of a higher middle class, which is capable of maturing further in suitable conditions, but is designated for immediate consumption by the producer. The life of Pu Er tea packaged by this method is very long, at least several years, as is the case for the majority of Pu Er teas.

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