Qing Yuan Ming Pu-erh Mini Tuo Cha | Qing Yuan Ming Pu Er Tuo Cha

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Quality higher class Pu Er tea pressed into small nests with a weight of approx. 5 g. For centuries, the convex shape of Tuo Cha has been one of the most frequently used shapes for pressed Pu Er. These “nests” exist in all shapes and sizes, with weights ranging from 3 g to 3 kg. With regard to the weight of the nest the pressings are usually furnished with various fixtures or indentations enabling easier handling and storage. Our small nest, pressed under high pressure, is no problem to divide into portions and use a smaller quantity than 5 g, but at this size it is not expected that this will be required. In such a case it is suitable to let hot water do the work for you and extend the brewing time for the first infusion by approximately 30 seconds as against the time for loose Pu Er teas. The tea offers the dense, moist earthy aroma and taste which is typical of Pu Er tea, the infusion has a dark brown colour, and several infusions can be produced with regard to the length of brewing and used temperature of water. Amongst the main medicinal properties of Pu Er teas are reduction of blood cholesterol, aiding digestion and regulation of unhealthy fats in the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine also states that the main properties of Pu Er tea include an ability to rid the stomach of excess heat and have a generally positive effect on the entire digestive tract. A lesser known quality of these dark teas is their ability to accelerate the sobering process following excessive consumption of alcohol.

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