Organic Misty Cloud from Zhejiang | Zhejiang You Ji Yun Wu Lu Cha

424 Kč

A very refreshing spring tea, suitable for preparation both hot and cold. As the name suggests, the tea grows high above sea levels and the plantations are shrouded in mist practically all year round, specifically in the Lishui region in the Chinese province of Zheijang. Local legend has it that the tea bushes can be found in the fog only by those who wish to pick the leaves only for their own consumption. If this were true however, it would not be possible to offer this superb green tea. The tea is characterised by its typical sweet aroma of spring green tea, the infusion itself may be very delicate and sweet, and if prepared at a lower temperature is full and strong. Cold preparation reveals a different taste spectrum without the presence of caffeine. In cooler seasons we recommend preparation of a stronger brew by the cold method, and very slightly diluting this with hot water.

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Zhejiang, Lishui
loose tea