Mint Gunpowder for Touareg

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Touareg tea, often named “sweet menthol tea”, is a traditional tea in North Africa and a range of Arab countries. Most often, and in the case of our tea, its base is strong green Gunpowder, which is generally perfumed with peppermint leaves. The traditional preparation method is relatively complex, and the tea and mint leaves are brewed together in several steps with a large quantity of sugar. Our mint perfumed Gunpowder gives you the opportunity to prepare the tea more quickly by a simplified method, and to decide whether to prepare green tea perfumed with mint or to sweeten the tea and prepare a modern version of Touareg tea. In countries where sweet Touareg is traditional, the man usually takes care of the tea preparation. The tea is prepared slowly and ceremonially and offered to honoured guests. In certain respects we could compare the traditional method of preparing Touareg tea to the Japanese tea ceremony or the Chinese Gong Fu preparation method.

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