Luk Yu Tea Bags - Tie Guan Yin

121 Kč

Luk Yu Iron Buddha teabags contain none other than the highly popular Tie Guan Yin, which falls within the sub-category of Chinese Oolongs. Quality, medium oxidised Oolong is used here, which has been lightly roasted on wood coal according to traditional procedures, reflected in its flavour. The tea is suitable for drinking up to late afternoon, is stimulating and a very pleasant accompaniment for food.

Luk Yu teas in teabags have been a standard in Hong Kong for over 30 years. Over this period a whole range of companies, predominantly Western firms, have attempted to encroach upon the local market for teas in teabags with their own products, but the quality and tradition of Luk Yu teas has always triumphed. All teas are produced to order, they are not stored on the premises of the producer and so are always fresh, naturally with the exception of Pu Er, for which tea aged for a period of approximately 3 years is used. Quality tea, top quality filter paper and a larger quantity of tea than is usual in teabags, provides a guarantee of a quality infusion, comparable to loose teas.

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