Honeybush (organic)

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In its character Honeybush is very similar to the Rooibos plant, nevertheless it is not so well known worldwide. It has a slightly sweeter taste and gained its name from the honey aroma of its blossoms. Some types of the Honeybush plant are cultivated on farms, others have hitherto resisted this form of cultivation and can only be found growing wild in mountainous areas. Like Rooibos, Honeybush is cut into small pieces after harvesting and left to oxidise naturally, during which its colour and taste gain definition. The blossoming plant can be seen from a long distance as it is covered with a large quantity of vivid yellow flowers. According to growers, Honeybush stimulates appetite and lactation in breastfeeding mothers and also has a range of anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties. The plant contains virtually no caffeine and a very small amount of tannin, as a result of which it is sought out by people suffering with complaints of the cardiovascular system and digestion problems. During preparation the sweet taste can be further heightened by very light simmering for several minutes.

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