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Exclusively young chrysanthemum buds are gathered for this drink, and when water is poured on these open up into young blossoms. Chrysanthemum blossoms and buds since time immemorial have belonged to the array of herbs of classical Chinese medicine, and in our catalogue chrysanthemums have the opportunity to gather their active substances in the Golden mountains (Huang Shan) in the province of An Hui. If you awake with encrusted eyelids and cannot see clearly, this is an indication that the body is overheated. This beverage from yellow chrysanthemums reduces inner heat and clears the eyes. Amongst its other health properties are regulation of fever, treatment of neck pain, improvement of sight, detoxification of the liver or a positive effect on the complexion. The beverage from chrysanthemums has always been considered an ideal response to thirst, an ideal summer drink. It has a sweetened, very refreshing, fresh taste, wrapped in a honey aroma. Some additionally flavour this tea with rock sugar or honey. It enables a number of infusions, later these are less distinctive in taste than the first two, nevertheless they retain a large quantity of active substances. In the south of China and Hong Kong we can often see how chrysanthemums are mixed with Pu Er teas, and this combination, usually named Gook Po, is available mainly in the summer months in restaurants, since it has a favourable cooling effect on the organism and aids digestion.

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Anhui, Huangshan
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