High Grown Ceylon OP

234 Kč

The best quality Ceylon tea indisputably originates from the mountains, from locations at a height of approximately 2000m above sea level. The tea bushes are planted in rows following the contours, and thus copy the relief of the landscape. The bushes are cut to a usual height of approximately 1m. Old tea plants are left to grow unrestricted and are usually found around old buildings and in certain designated locations, and only a few kg of tea can be harvested from these plants each year. The great majority of tea is collected by hand and mostly women take care of the harvest. Our high mountain black tea originates from one of the oldest gardens of the Dimbula region in the central part of Sri Lanka. The character of its tea is defined by the height of 1800m to 2000m above sea level, frequent monsoons and cool weather from January to the beginning of April. This tea is typified by its sharper taste with a perceptible citrus component and a long finish, its dominant and inimitable aroma and its ability to produce several good infusions. The tea is suitable for preparation by the Chinese Gong Fu method.

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