Georgian Black Tea Amiran BREAKFAST FBOP

170 Kč

Georgia was a crossroad between the continents of Europe and Asia and a key resting point on the ancient "Silk Road" stretching from China to Venice. Tea was carried for the long journey along this trading route on the backs of camels and mules. This tasteful Georgian black tea is perfect for a morning breakfast tea and equally blissful in the afternoon. With or without milk! You will appreciate its full body and strong taste without excessive astringency.

Georgian Prince Miha Eristavi first encountered tea during his travels across China in the 1830s. Impressed with its taste he decided that he would take some seeds back to Georgia. At the time, exporting tea seeds from China was forbidden so the prince hid some seeds in a length of bamboo and smuggled it out of the country. On his return to Georgia he used the seeds to create the first tea plantations. The very first Georgian tea was produced in 1947.

In Georgian mythology Amiran is a mythic hero and titan, son of Dali. Equivalent of the Greek Prometheus.

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