Flowers of Osmanthus fragrans HG | Gui Hua

430 Kč

These small goldish-yellow blossoms are valued today mainly due to their unforgettable aroma, which can be sensed from a distance. Brewing the blossoms produces a yellow infusion, which offers a highly aromatic drink with a sweet taste. The tea is used for refreshment and relaxation, with anti-inflammatory and calming effects, providing relief from colds and phlegm and has always been appreciated for its positive effects on skin quality (mainly by women). In Asia, primarily in the south of China, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, osmanthus is used in various fields. It is used for the production of syrups, desserts, beverages and soups. The emperors of the Qing dynasty considered cakes made from osmanthus to be a delicacy. Osmanthus blossoms are frequently mixed with green teas, as well as with Oolong and Pu Er teas and other herbs such as chrysanthemums or rosebuds.

Our catalogue also offers Oolong tea perfumed with osmanthus blossoms (Gui Hua Wu Long), which is popular with customers above all thanks to its sweet aroma and taste.

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