Earl Grey Blue Flower (Lady Grey)

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Earl Grey "Blue blossom" gained its name due to the presence of the blue cornflower blossoms between the tea leaves. This tea can frequently be found also under the name “Lady Grey”. The cornflower blossoms have a specific role, namely to remove the citrus aroma and flavour of the tea, which many find too overpowering, whilst instead adding a floral aroma and taste, thus providing the tea with a slight overall sweetness. Amongst other properties of the cornflower blossom is the ability to soothe the throat during colds, thus in combination with black tea, which itself has a warming character in itself, making Lady Grey an ideal tea for the period from autumn to spring. Lovers of the bergamot aroma and flavour can naturally enjoy the tea all year long, since specifically Earl Grey “Blue blossom” ranks amongst the most popular teas in the Earl Grey category. 

Classic Earl Grey is a tea blend with a specific aroma and flavour, which the tea obtains from oil from the fruits of the bergamot citrus tree. The Earl Grey name was originally used only for pure black tea, but today it is associated by everyone with its bergamot flavour. The tea is named after the British Prime Minister Earl Grey, who obtained the recipe for tea with a bergamot flavour in 1830. Our Earl Grey is based on a blend of black Ceylon and Chinese tea, flavoured with bergamot oil.

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