Clouds and Mist Dong Qing Tea | Yun Wu Yi Ye Cha (Dong Qing Ke)

387 Kč

The old Chinese proverb "Yun Wu Chu Hao Cha" states that wherever there are clouds and mist, there must be good tea, and this is without exception tru, with Yun Wu tea ranking amongst emperor’s teas since the time of the Song dynasty. The tea has a unique, long-lasting flavour and aroma, with a sweet, fruity tinge, about which the Chinese like to say that it can substitute the aroma of good plum brandy. There are a whole range of Yun Wa teas, but the emperor was particularly fond of those with very long, dark leaves, offereing an intense plum aroma with a delicate smoky hint and the bitter taste for which it is famous. This is an atypical tea, annual production is limited, as is the quantity which can be exported from China. Few can resist the temptation to return to this tea once they have had the chance to enjoy its unusual qualities. Duang Dong Yun Wu is one of the strongest teas in existence, and usually no more than one leaf is used for preparation, for which the Chinese call it “tea of one leaf”. The tea has powerful beneficial effects on the digestive system. For this reason it is frequently connected with the effort to reduce body fat, nevertheless it is admired most of all for its typical bitter taste and distinctive fruity aroma.

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