Chai Masala

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 The term Chai Masala can be loosely translated from the original Hindi as “spiced tea”. This Indian beverage has always been regarded rather as a medicinal drink, nevertheless in the present age of chemical drugs it is now considered rather as a stimulant. This is a harmoniously balanced blend of teas, herbs and spices, whilst the ingredients themselves however differ markedly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Every Chai Wallah (a manufacturer of Chai for sale to others) offers a different Chai, since different ingredients are used in different proportions, ensuring that no two blends are the same. In the case of our Chai Masala this is a black Assam TGFOP tea, with an addition of cinnamon, hawthorn leaves, pieces of ginger, clover, black pepper, cardamom and a range of other ingredients.

Chai is drunk by millions of people every day in India, nevertheless the beverage is gaining popularity also elsewhere, since people are seeking alternatives to their daily coffee. As regards preparation, according to the traditional method milk is poured into the pot and brought to the boil. Then a one and a half teaspoons of the prepared tea blend is added and the beverage is left to simmer for another 4-5 minutes. Finally the beverage is filtered through a tea strainer and sweetened with honey and/or sugar. According to a more recent recipe, one and a half teaspoons of prepared tea blend is boiled in 125 ml of water for approximately 4-5 minutes, after which the mixture is strained and 125 ml of hot milk is added (hot milk emphasises the main taste). The resulting beverage is sweetened to taste. Chai Masala strengthens the human immune system, in winter is capable of warming the organism, and always succeeds in inducing a good mood.

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