Ceylon St. James English Breakfast FP (organic)

234 Kč

The Ceylon tea garden named the St. James Tea Estate is located in the Malwatta valley in the county of Badulla, which is known for its production of the best Ceylon teas. Approximately 750 permanent workers are employed on an expanse of around 300 hectares. The tea produces a darker infusion than that which is typical of the region, and in terms of its taste it is full, orthodox, raw and uncompromising, ideal for all who appreciate classic strong black tea. Teas from the St. James garden are a basis for English Breakfast tea and are often drunk with milk. The tea has a stimulating effect, and for this reason is recommended for mornings and the first half of the afternoon, nevertheless it is possible to leave the second infusion for the evening, since it contains only a very small amount of caffeine.

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Badulla, Uva, St. James Estate
loose tea