Ceylon Kenilworth OP HG

339 Kč

The Kenilworth Tea Estate, covering an area of approximately 300 hectares is located in the mountains in the western part of the island of Sri Lanka, at a height of over 1200 m above sea level. Orange Pekoe teas from this garden fetch exorbitant prices at tea markets, and to date the Kenilworth estate holds the record. In the case of Kenilworth OP HG tea customers above all appreciate the slightly creamy but nevertheless full character, together with the complex floral and slightly spicy aroma. The tea leaves offer a pure copper-coloured infusion and a slightly sweet taste with a minimal proportion of astringent components. A number of infusions are available with regard to the amount of leaves used, and the taste of the tea develops interestingly with further infusions. Kenilworth OP is an orthodox Ceylon tea with all the typical attributes of these teas.

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