Ceylon Black BOP decaffeinated | Ceylon BOP decaffinated

257 Kč

Tea was not the first commodity to be cultivated in Sri Lanka. The first was cinnamon, and as soon as it was shown that this was not sufficiently profitable, this was replaced with coffee. In the mid-18th century coffee began to be gradually forced out by tea, which was first imported to the island in 1824. Black tea ranks amongst the specialities of the island and is typified by its delicate citrus aroma. In the case of our tea this concerns a blend of higher quality class teas from a number of tea gardens, which are decaffeinated by an organic method. It is ideal for all who have problems with caffeine for health reasons, and also for tea lovers who cannot resist the taste of black tea in the evening before bedtime. This tea is very suitable for flavouring with honey, lemon or milk.

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