Bihar Doke Rolling Thunder - Hand Made Organic

250 Kč

This is a real Indian Oolong tea because unlike many others, it is made of Camellia sinensis assamica leaves only. Usually Oolongs from India come from Darjeeling and they are more inclined towards the Darjeeling character. This Oolong tea possesses a rich aroma and yields a golden infusion with a subtle and buttery flavor. Many layers of fragrance and flavors, with varying profiles depending on the temperature. It is definitely recommended to fans of Indian teas who like a robust cup as well as to tea lovers who like a complex layered tea.

We do recommend to use a temperature of 85 °C for a full, layered profile with soft rose aromas and a buttery texture and 90 °C for even bolder profile with grapefruit and rose flavors plus a more brisk mouthfeel (4 g, 60 s).

The broad Doke River in Bihar flows through the land of the Buddha. It seems like the perfect setting for lush and abundant tea gardens, but it took pioneers like Rajiv Lochan to realize that potential. An organic way of growing the tea has effect not only on the tea itself, but also on development of a whole community around the Doke tea garden.

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Bihar, Doke Tea Estate
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