Bada Shan Rose Pu Er Mini Tuo Cha | Bada Shan Mei Gui Pu Er Mini Tuo Cha

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The Bada mountain range is located in the Chinese province of Yunnan. Our Pu Er was harvested here in and subsequently hand processed in the small village of Xioaping by a family which has been engaged in tea production for over 100 years. The small nests are pressed exclusively by hand, and also packaged into paper manually. The packaging of the nests is traditionally almost exclusively the preserve of old women at evening meetings, which could be compared to feather plucking here in times past. The tea is thus not pressed as firmly or as “perfectly” as by a machine. The same can be said of hand packaging.

According to the traditional recipe, red Chinese rose petals were mixed into this Pu Er tea. Chinese roses contain a range of antiviral and antioxidant qualities, thus extending the wide spectrum of beneficial health properties of Pu Er tea. The sour fruity flavour of Chinese roses may also make this Pu Er more accessible to those who have not yet acquired a taste for its pure, earthy character.

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Yunnan, Badashan
Processing (Pu-erh)
black / shu 熟
small nests