Bitter Tea Ku Ding | Ku Ding Cha

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People in China drink Ku Ding Cha in place of classic green tea, despite the fact that this is not an actual tea (Camellia sinensis), but a herb. The word Cha in the name is thus somewhat misleading. We also see in the name the word "Ku", which means "bitter" and "Ding", which is a Pinyin transcription of the Chinese character which looks like a point. It is precisely the point that is one of the typical shapes into which Ku Ding is formed after harvesting. In his herbarium Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica), which to this day is considered one of the most complete works, Li Shizhen described Ku Ding Cha as a tree, which is green all year round, from which it also takes its original name of Dong Qing ("Dong" means winter or frozen and "Qing" translates as green).

Traditional Chinese medicine describes Ku Ding Cha as a herb which supports blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, is able to clear the head and eyes and has strong detoxifying effects. In addition it slows aging of the brain and heart and helps maintain a healthy bodyweight. It is commonly used for the treatment of colds, redeye, headaches and rhinitis. Other no less interesting properties of this herb include the ability to eliminate the long-lasting bad breath caused by eating even larger quantities of garlic. Lovers of the specific bitter taste of Ku Ding tea can also find the related Clouds and Mist tea of the Dong Qing type and Young Bitter Dong Qing Tea Leaves in our catalogue.

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