2010 Yunnan Phoenix Pu-erh 3AAA Tuo Cha 100 g | 2010 Yunnan Dan Cong Pu Er 3AAA Tuo Cha 100 g

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Quality Pu-erh from Yunnan, which was produced in 2010 by the famous Yunnan Colorful Phoenix Tea company. The tea leaves, pressed into 100 g nests (Tuo Cha) originate exclusively from large leaf tea plants growing in the Menghai region. The nests are pressed using manual table tools, and the small volume production has made its mark on the quality of the product. The nest can be portioned by hand, without using tools. The flavour of this Pu-erh tea is amongst the most distinctive, full and complex, and in general amongst the sweeter teas. The experienced palate will identify fruity tones, which can be better distinguished with a medium strong infusion. As is known, the flavour of the tea is influenced not only by how and where it grows but also by what grows in its surroundings (e.g. herbs, fruit etc.). The tea has been classified within the quality class 3AAA.

The tea is also available in our catalogue in a package of 5 for a discount price.

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GT0406-Hnízdo 100 g

Data sheet

Yunnan, Menghai
Processing (Pu-erh)
black / shu 熟
nest 100 g