Oolong with Osmanthus flowers | Gui Hua Wu Long

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A tea combining a sweet to intoxicating aroma of Osmanthus with a natural fruity base of Taiwanese Oolong. The recipe for this tea has been known for very long, and has been popular particularly amongst women, who have always believed that the tea is capable of accentuating their beauty. In any case this is a pleasant tea for serving to your close friends at any time of the day. The infusion produces a pleasantly sweet aroma of Osmanthus blossom, with a delicate and refreshing peach flavour. Osmanthus is an evergreen tree reaching a height of 3 to 12m, which grows abundantly from the Himalayas, across southern China (Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou) right up to Japan. The blossoms of Gui Hua (in translation “cinnamon yellow blossoms”) are very aromatic, with a strong scent of apricot and peach, and are gathered from the end of summer to autumn.

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