2018 Darjeeling Glenburn Moonshine SFTGFOP1 FF EX-02 ORGANIC

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Located in the Himalayas, Glenburn is ethically managed by one of the most widely respected tea families in India. Two snow-fed Himalayan rivers - the Rungeet and the Rung Dung - wind through the estate and nourish the Glenburn tea bushes. The revered Himalayan garden was founded in 1859 by a Scottish tea company. Later, the garden was passed on to the pioneering Prakash family, who are known in Darjeeling as ‘Chaiwala’, the Hindi term for ‘tea planters’.

This sublime 2017 First Flush from the Glenburn tea garden in Darjeeling is nothing short of perfection. In an ethereal and completely blissful sip, one is transported to the mystical and spiritual mountainsides of the Himalayas. The name ‘White Moonshine’ perfectly captures the essence of this tea. Every swig feels like a mouthful of midnight moonlight. Only the most experienced pickers are allowed to work on this tea. Blooming from the mist that rises of the river Rungeet, Glenburn Moonshine is made exclusively from the most tender shoots. Handled with extreme care, all natural health promoting properties are preserved.

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Darjeeling, Glenburn Tea Estate
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EX 02
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