2011 Ripe Da Jiu "Peace" Pu Er Mini Buns | Da Jiu Pu Er Mini Tuo Cha

170 Kč

A high quality dark but nevertheless young Pu Erh from the Simao region in the province of Yunnan, which is characterised by its very pleasant, full, lightly spiced taste and aroma. Thanks to its date of birth in 2011, the traditional earthy flavour of Pu Erh tea is further in the background here. Pu Erh from the Simao region ranks amongst the best of all Pu Erh teas, upon which nobody dares cast doubt. Specifically our Pu erh was produced in honour of the Bun festival 2012, which takes place every year on Cheung Ghau island in Hong Kong, bringing the god Pak Tai's blessing to all fishermen. This Pu Erh is produced only for this occasion, and is available only in a very limited quantity.

The Bun festival is a Taoist holiday which takes place in honour of the god Pak Tai at the end of April, lasting 8 days. During the festival everyone can find their luck. Traditional buns (similar to Czech cakes, which are steamed) are affixed to 20 m high bamboo poles, and during the course of a night announced in advance, people climb the “bun towers” and gather the buns. The more buns that are gathered, the more luck awaits the gatherers... provided that they don't fall.

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Yunnan, Simao
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