2011 Green Ying Kee Qing Pu-erh Cake 357 g | Ying Kee Qing Sheng Pu Er Bing

2 604 Kč

This Ying Kee Sheng Pu Er, pressed into cakes with a classic weight 357 g, has been produced by hand using the purely traditional method, which can be said of only approximately 5% of all Pu Er cakes produced in China. All the renowned firms produce tea pressings almost exclusively using machines. The series of images show hand production, in which the cake is pressed using minimal force in order to attain the resulting shape.

The small serial production takes place in the Chinese province of Canton (Guangzhou) after the tea has been imported from nearby Yunnan. The tea leaves acquired their properties on Daxueshan mountain (great snowy mountain) in the district of Mengku, at a height of 3226 m above sea level. A correctly prepared brew offers a wide spectrum of aromas and tastes, the experienced taster will distinguish nuts, fresh sweetcorn and rare, slightly piquant tobacco.

Each production series of cakes has been devoted to one of the important Chinese symbols, in our case Happiness, which is why the word Qing features in the name of the tea.

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Yunnan, Daxue Shan
Processing (Pu-erh)
green / sheng 生
cake 357 g