2011 CNNP 7581 Ripe Pu-erh - Brick 250 g | 2011 CNNP 7581 Pu Er

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Pu Er pressed into a 250 g brick, produced according to recipe 7581, is one of the best known and most successful products of the Kunming Tea Factory (CNNP). It is a classic recipe, according to which the factory began to produce tea in 1975. The tea originates exclusively from large leaf tea plants from the Menghai region. Recipe 7581 prescribes an ageing period of a minimum of 3 years, which means that the leaves pressed into this brick were harvested in 2008 or earlier. The flavour of this Pu Er tea is amongst the more distinctive and full, nevertheless despite its relative youth it is very delicate, typically sweeter than average. The tea is designated for both immediate consumption and long-term ageing.

Brick CNNP 7581 is one of the most commonly forged Pu Er products whatsoever. As a result CNNP has begun to produce bricks with protective elements (in 2011 this is a self-adhesive seal and depending on a batch plus a hard paper box). Vendors purchasing directly in the factory obtain a laboratory report demonstrating the unimpeachable health properties specifically for this batch. This applies also in our case.

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Processing (Pu-erh)
black / shu 熟
brick 250 g