2006 Lock Cha Pu Erh Mini Cake | Lok Cha Pu Er Mini Bing

604 Kč

This very interesting Yunnan Pu Erh from the Menghai region was formed into small cakes with a mass of 100 g in 2006. The small cake is a commercially attractive shape, which is traditional and does not force customers to purchase tha large 300 g cake, and as a result can be seen on the tea market with ever increasing frequency. The tea offers a pleasantly complicated taste, which can be revealed upon portioning the cake. The cake is portioned in layers, thus from the edge, perpendicular to the direction of the vector of the force of the press. This tea provides a range of infusions, during the course of which the aroma develops interestingly. Before actual brewing, rinse the tea with boiled water and enjoy the aroma released by the tea leaves. We recommend use of a Yixing teapot using the Gong Fu method.

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Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Menghai
Processing (Pu-erh)
ripe / shu 熟
cake 100 g