1985 Lock Cha Bamboo Pu Erh | Lok Cha Pu Er 1985

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It is probably no surprise that thanks to its universal nature bamboo has been used since time immemorial for packaging tea. The method of storing Pu Erh tea in bamboo stalks originates most probably from the Dai minority group from the Chinese province of Yunnan. Bamboo has always served as an ideal packaging for various foodstuffs, mainly due to its natural hardness and strength. As such it has become an ideal packaging for ageing teas, which wait decades for their moment. Our Pu Erh tea has been stored in bamboo cases wince 1985. Due to the required “packaging”, the bamboo stem was also cut after the harvest. This was then placed into a fire pit with the closed side facing the fire, which caused the water to evaporate from the bamboo. Thanks to the moisture from the evaporated water it was possible to pack the softened, sun-dried tea leaves into the stalk. The filled bamboo stalk remained in the fire for several dozen minutes and was then laid out until completely dried. Pu Erh in bamboo gains its characteristic properties during the ageing processes, which are projected into the aroma, flavour and colour of the infusions. The tea is dominated by purity and the elements of fire and water. The quantity of tea in the bamboo is approximately 60 g.

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