Taiwan Milk Oolong | Jin Xuan Nai Xiang Wu Long

147 Kč

Jin Xuan is a hybrid that was developed in the 1970s. Its Taiwanese number is TW #12, though farmers often refer to it as “2027” or just “27”. These numbers refer to the process the Taiwan Oolong Tea Research and Development Station used to classify the teas as they were developing and testing them.

Jin Xuan is famous for its milky texture and fragrance, often referred to as “Milk Oolong”. There is misinformation in the tea world that this name is due to the use of milk as fertilizer, but the name actually comes from the tea liquor itself. Jin Xuan is thick and creamy, and if the terroir is right, with more sun, and the processing has been done well, it has a definite milky aroma which is very pleasing. Its fame has resulted in fake “Milk Oolongs” produced in mainland China that are sprayed with artificial milk flavours post production, giving them a strong and unnatural fragrance of milk.

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Chiayi, Ali Shan
Jin Xuan
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