An Invitation to Tea (CD)

326 Kč

This is a century-old story. A poor boy wanted to lease a piece of farmland from a landowner. They struck up a deal and signed a contract. The contract: The boy had to provide tea and a place to rest for people who traveled past the farmland. And this became a tradition. So there it was. Rain or shine. A cup of tea awaited all, ready to warm them up with a caring heart. Now listed to this caring story with our album. Every note tells of an embedded affection. You may smell the aroma of tea in the melody, feeling for yourself the sweet taste of tea and the tender caring heart. Relish it while having a cup of tea.

The album is available also as a part of 8 CD Tea Music Collection, packed in a solid gift box for favoured price. The collection also contains albums Tea, Tea Travel, Tea with Flower Fragrance, Oolong Tea, Tea & Pot, Chinese Tea Ballads and Cha Tao - The Way of Tea.

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