2009 Old Ying Kee Luk On | Jia Cang Liu An

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Excellent highest category Luk On, which has undergone a long process of ageing. Balanced climatic conditions are essential for the quality and taste of ageing teas, and these conditions change little during this process. The climate of the Chinese province of An Hui, from where this tea originates, is determined amongst other matters mainly by the existence of the basin of two great rivers, the Yangtze and Huaihe. The province is characterised by its extensive plains in the north and its high mountains in the south. This tea offers a typical raw, earthy aroma and taste, with refined coffee sub-tones. The infusion is brownish-black, dense and very aromatic. With regard to its gastrointestinal properties it is an ideal tea for drinking after meals.

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An Hui, Lu An
loose tea