Xinyang Young Leaves ORGANIC | Xin Yang Mao Jian

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This tea is grown in the Che Yun Shan Tea Garden, located in Dong Jia He among the misty Dabie Mountains District. This is the birthplace of Xinyang Maojian Tea. This area has high-reaching mountains covered in deep forests, guaranteeing the humid, cloudy conditions needed during the growing season for high-quality tea. In contrast to the more southern provinces, Henan tends to be colder, with the mountains covered with snow in the winter. In turn, this leads to a distinctive tea bush with smaller, robust leaves, another characteristic of Xinyang Maojian. Camellia sinensis cv.Xinyang 10 is selected from the Xinyang Qunti Variety. It sprouts easily despite the cold weather in the region where it grows.

Production of tea in Xinyang county, Henan stretches back over a thousand years; however, the origins of Xinyang Maojian in particular traces back to 1903 when the local government brought in tea masters from Anhui in order to develop a local tea industry.

This lovely green tea gives a rich, grassy vegetal flavor,  a bit savory with a warm sweetness that lingers afterwards and then deepens in later steeps. It’s a surprisingly bold taste for a green, and the dry leaves are long and thin, with downy silver buds in between.

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Henan, Xinyang, Dong Jia He
Xinyang 10
loose tea